At the end of the food ration, the ship and its 572 refugees allowed to dock in Sicily

Refugees from the “Ocean Viking” took the news with relief. The 572 migrants, rescued in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days, will be able to disembark in Sicily, the NGO announced on Thursday evening. “It is a huge relief to know their ordeal at sea is almost over and that the six rescues will finally be finalized soon,” she added.

SOS Mediterranean launched an appeal on Wednesday to the European Union to find a safe port and disembark the migrants collected on board the “Ocean Viking” “as quickly as possible”. The NGO was alarmed at the exhaustion of prepackaged food rations and medicines, as well as the state of health of some passengers, exhausted and dehydrated after three days at sea in the sun before their rescue.

“The situation is deteriorating hour by hour. The medical team is reporting more and more cases of psychological distress “, among the passengers, including women, children and a four-month-old baby, she warned Thursday, a few hours before getting the green light from Rome to reach Sicily.


food ration ship refugees allowed dock Sicily

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