New restrictions to counter the Delta variant? What caregivers think

New restrictions to counter the Delta variant? What caregivers think
New restrictions to counter the Delta variant? What caregivers think

While several European countries such as Spain or Portugal are facing a fourth epidemic wave linked to the Delta variant, France could be required to take additional measures.

The last phase of deconfinement began on June 30, nightclubs are due to reopen their doors on Friday, and the incidence rate is already on the rise in eleven regions, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday. worrying about a possible fourth epidemic wave “rapid”, in particular because of the progression of the variant Delta, more contagious, which represents more than 40% of the contaminations at this stage in France.

At present, the authorities are emphasizing the encouragement of vaccination. “The call now to the French is not ‘stay at home’, but ‘get vaccinated'”, summed up Health Minister Olivier Véran on Wednesday.

“It is difficult to understand why (vaccination) does not increase at the same time as the Delta variant”, regretted Wednesday on BFMTV the infectious disease specialist and head of the infectious diseases department of the Parisian hospital Saint-Antoine Karine Lacombe.

“Strong decisions are necessary” for Le Maire

Faced with this potential epidemic resumption, the government no longer excludes taking new measures. While a new Health Defense Council is due to be held on Monday, several hypotheses are on the table, such as the extension of the domain of the health pass, currently required for events of more than 1,000 people and from Friday for discotheques. , or compulsory vaccination for caregivers as well as restrictive border measures.

“Of course strong decisions are necessary, because we are not going to threaten the future of our nation for the coming months because there would be individual behaviors that would not be responsible”, defended this Thursday on BFMTV the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire, referring to the next Health Defense Council and the “necessary decisions” that Emmanuel Macron will take.

Consensus around the obligation to vaccinate caregivers?

Faced with the possibility of a fourth wave, caregivers hardly seem to have any illusions about taking new measures, particularly the vaccination obligation for the medical profession, which finds favor in the eyes of many of them.

“Compulsory vaccination for caregivers is probably something good,” said Jean-François Timsit, head of the intensive care unit and infectious diseases at Bichat hospital, this Thursday on our antenna. And more broadly, the doctor “thinks that one way or another, one day, we will pass to compulsory vaccination” for the rest of the population.

“If we refuse to protect ourselves collectively by vaccination, we will protect ourselves collectively by other measures, I personally prefer to go to restaurants and to the cinema and have two doses in the shoulder”, defends Jean-François Timsit.

“I think France is moving slowly, perhaps very quickly, towards compulsory vaccination for everyone,” epidemiologist Antoine Flahault believed to know on BFMTV on Wednesday.

“From the moment we start to want to restrict a certain number of services, shops, places, to categories of people compared to others … France is too attached to its principle of equality so as not to make vaccination compulsory “, justifies the specialist, who also defends the need to” protect the borders of high-risk areas “.

“Personally, I think that (the vaccination of caregivers) must be compulsory and I do not understand why we are waiting”, impatient Wednesday the virologist Christian Bréchot on our antenna.

Restore past restrictions, wise?

Apart from vaccination, could other measures be judicious such as the restriction of social contacts, for example with the return of gauges in places open to the public?

In the columns of Parisian, Didier Lepelletier warns against going back. “Threatening now to go back would be incomprehensible to the public,” said the co-chair of the standing working group on Covid-10 at the High Council of Public Health (HCSP).

“Going back to the gauges and the wearing of the compulsory mask everywhere in August would be inaudible. We must bet on the responsibility of each one. The danger is September, when young people, little vaccinated, go back to school or at university and resume social activity. There will inevitably be a rebound in September, especially since the level of vaccination is not terrible, “he says.

A majority of French people for the general vaccination obligation

On Wednesday, Jean-Pierre-Thierry, a medical specialist in public health, stressed on BFMTV “the stop and go regime” to which we are subject “as long as we are not at a sufficient level of collective immunity”.

“The mixing of populations, in particular linked to cross-border crossings, has accelerated the epidemic and it has been fairly documented, it allows the variant to spread more quickly”, he pointed out.

Concerning vaccination, the doctor, also medical adviser of France Assos Santé, underlines that in France, “since the beginning of vaccination we have had vaccine obligations, and we still have in the general population for children”. In fact, since 2018, 11 vaccines are again compulsory for the entry into the community of children born from that year.

Within the population, the idea of ​​an obligation of vaccination against Covid-19, for adults and adolescents as well as for caregivers, seems to dig an increasingly wide furrow.

According to our Elabe poll for BFMTV released on Wednesday, 72% of the people questioned declared themselves in favor of compulsory vaccination of medical personnel. And 61% said they were in favor of compulsory vaccination for adults and adolescents.

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