this lake is as hot as a jacuzzi from the heavy mining

this lake is as hot as a jacuzzi from the heavy mining
this lake is as hot as a jacuzzi from the heavy mining

Atlas Holdings is a recognized private equity firm, which operates a gas-fired power plant near Seneca Lake, the largest of the Fingers Lakes. The company that owns the plant, Greenidge Generation LLC, says it has increased electricity production at the plant at the request of Atlas Holdings. This request mainly concerns bitcoin mining.

Problem, residents are starting to complain about this excessive yield. Abi Buddington, a resident of Dresden near Seneca Lake, told NBC News: “The lake is so hot it feels like you are in a jacuzzi”. As a reminder, Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency mined using very powerful computers to generate new units by solving many mathematical equations. The Greenidge Generation LLC plant currently has 8,000 computers and plans to add new ones quickly.

Greenidge stands firm

Such a large number of computers running at full speed all the time logically requires a significant cooling system. Greenidge Generation LLC has chosen to use lake water to remedy this problem. Many residents were offended by this excessive exploitation of the lake and its considerable warming. Even more absurd, New York State had set itself a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, recalls Judith Enck, the former regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. . However, the latter specifies that “The state will not achieve this goal if Greenidge’s bitcoin mining continues.”

For his part, Jeff Kirt, the general manager of Greenidge, says the plant is operating under permits obtained from the government. Kirt even goes so far as to declare that his factory “Has no significant impact on the environment”. Previously, a spokesperson for Greenidge previously explained that “The limits already set protect fishing and the public health of the lake, and they have been clearly validated as not of concern”.

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