Netherlands: famous journalist Peter de Vries seriously injured by gunshot in Amsterdam

Netherlands: famous journalist Peter de Vries seriously injured by gunshot in Amsterdam
Netherlands: famous journalist Peter de Vries seriously injured by gunshot in Amsterdam

The famous Dutch criminal journalist Peter R. de Vries was the victim of a gunshot and was hit in particular by a bullet in the head this Tuesday evening in the center of Amsterdam. The journalist was taken to hospital in critical condition. According to Het Algemeen Dagblad, a suspect was arrested on a highway south of Amsterdam.

De Vries, a star in the Netherlands, was a guest on the RTL TV show “Boulevard”. It was at the exit of the recording studio that this specialist in criminal affairs was shot. The journalist specializing in crime was then reportedly shot in the head at close range.

A resident of the street in question heard five shots, the local newspaper said. The woman then came out and saw De Vries lying on the ground. The man reportedly had a lot of blood on his face. She was holding his hand, but got no response when she tried to speak to the columnist. Another local resident was sitting in a cafe across the street and suddenly heard a loud bang. “It went on indefinitely, four or five times. At first, I thought it was fireworks, ”she said too.

Police have since confirmed that the victim was Peter R. de Vries. Police closed the area in which Peter R. de Vries was shot to traffic around 7:30 p.m. (5.30 p.m. GMT), after intervening on a TV broadcast in central Amsterdam. Police said they were “looking for witnesses and people who have images of the incident or possible suspects on the run.”

Two people already shot dead in a case handled by the journalist

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus were due to visit the National Security and Counterterrorism Agency (NCTV) in The Hague in the evening to “discuss” the case , reported the Dutch news agency ANP. The attack on a journalist is “shocking” and “inconceivable”, the Dutch Prime Minister said at a press conference in The Hague.

“The attack on Peter R. de Vries is shocking and inconceivable, it is an attack on a courageous journalist and therefore an attack on the freedom of the press which is so essential for our democracy and our rule of law”, he declared.

According to several sources from the newspaper Het Algemeen Dagblad, a suspect has now been arrested on the A2 motorway near Breukelen, halfway between Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Peter De Vries is a well-known criminal journalist in the Netherlands. He is also one of the “confidential” advisers of prosecution witness Nabil B. in the “Marengo” trial, a criminal case involving the settling of scores in drug trafficking. In September 2019, B.’s lawyer, Nabil B., was also shot dead in the street. Justice takes seriously the fact that he was murdered because of his work as a lawyer in the key witness case. The key witness’s brother was also shot dead. So one more victim in this poisonous affair? The Dutch police are in any case on the teeth.


Netherlands famous journalist Peter Vries injured gunshot Amsterdam

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