six years in prison required on appeal against the pilots

six years in prison required on appeal against the pilots
six years in prison required on appeal against the pilots

The Advocate General considers that the pilots are “executors” in the “Air Cocaine” case. They feel that they did not know they were carrying cocaine

Prison sentences ranging from six to 25 years in prison were requested Monday against the six defendants in the appeal trial of the “Air cocaine” case, the attorney general claiming six years against the pilots he considers be “performers”. “They have the right, even the duty to ask themselves questions”, declared about the pilots the Advocate General Pierre Cortes before the Assize Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence composed for this file only of professional magistrates.

Bruno Odos and Pascal Fauret have always sworn that they did not know they were carrying cocaine. “Being former soldiers converted into business aviation does not deprive them of common sense”, continued the magistrate, estimating that there had been a certain number of “serious alerts” before their arrest in March 2013 on the tarmac in Punta Cana, at the foot of a Falcon 50 loaded with 700 kilos of cocaine.

Decision at the end of the week

And he cites the “heads of barbouzes” during the preparatory meeting, the “strange passenger”, the destinations: the Dominican Republic “drug hub” or Ecuador, which shares borders with two of the most important producers of cocaine, Colombia and Peru.

“We put ourselves in a state of blindness which translates a complicity by permissiveness”, he added before demanding against them the same sentence as that to which they were condemned in first instance two years ago. . For their bosses, Fabrice Alcaud and Pierre-Marc Dreyfus, co-managers of the business aviation company that employed them, he requested sentences of eight years, greater than their sentence of six years in the first trial.

And finally for the alleged sponsor of the traffic, Ali Bouchareb, and his alleged driver, Michel Ristic, respective sentences of 25 and 10 years have been requested. The first had been sentenced to 18 years in the first instance and the second had been acquitted. The decision is expected at the end of the week, Thursday or Friday.

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years prison required appeal pilots

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