Pope Francis undergoes colon surgery

Pope Francis undergoes colon surgery
Pope Francis undergoes colon surgery

The head of the Catholic Church entered the Gemelli hospital in Rome on Sunday for a “scheduled intervention” to the colonist, according to the Vatican.

The whole program of Pope Francis took place normally this Sunday, July 4, where he appeared publicly for the traditional prayer of the Angelus in the middle of the day. But in the middle of the afternoon the Vatican announced that the Pope was entering Gemelli Hospital in Rome for a “scheduled intervention” for a “symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon».

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The Italian text speaks of “symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon“. This can also translate medically into a “Intestinal sub-obstruction in diverticular disease of the colon.»

The “colonic diverticulaAre hernias that can develop gradually with age, most often localized in the colon. It would be, a priori, a benign phenomenon which affects the elderly.

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Italian professor Sergio Alfieri will perform the operation, says the Vatican as confirmed by the hospital. None specifies the time of the surgical intervention, but a Vatican source assures that it will take place this Sunday.

Pope Francis is 84 years old. He is quite healthy, apart from a chronic sciatica problem in his hip. This is the first official operation of his pontificate since 2013.

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Pope Francis undergoes colon surgery

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