Tens of thousands protest against Jair Bolsonaro

The political situation is still tense in Brazil. For the third time since the end of May, Jair Bolsonaro had to face a day of mobilization against him on Saturday. Several tens of thousands of Brazilians have demonstrated across the country against the president.

Protesters demand the departure of Jair Bolsonaro, blamed for his management of the coronavirus pandemic which has already killed more than 500,000 in a country of 212 million inhabitants. “Genocidal Bolsonaro” or “Yes to vaccines” could be read on signs brandished in the center of Sao Paulo. In addition to the T-shirts and red flags of unions and social movements, many protesters flaunted the Brazilian flag, in an attempt to reclaim the national symbol usually used by supporters of the far-right president.

A request for dismissal

Above all, the attacks against Jair Bolsonaro are now coming from everywhere. The far-right president is suspected of having turned a blind eye to suspicions of corruption reported by an official of the Ministry of Health. Testifying before the Senate Committee of Inquiry (ICC), the official explained that he had been subjected to “atypical pressure” to approve the importation of doses of the Indian vaccine Covaxin that he considered overcharged. On Friday, the Brazilian prosecution announced the opening of a preliminary investigation into the accusations brought against the Head of State by three senators who accuse him of “prevarication” in this affair.

Several opposition parties also filed Wednesday in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies a new request for the impeachment of the president. This new request, however, is unlikely to succeed, according to specialists, but it allows the opposition to increase political pressure on the president.


Tens thousands protest Jair Bolsonaro

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