François Fillon appointed to the board of directors of a Russian oil group

François Fillon appointed to the board of directors of a Russian oil group
François Fillon appointed to the board of directors of a Russian oil group

RECONVERSION – According to the Business Information Disclosure Center, managed by the Russian news agency Interfax, François Fillon has been appointed to the board of directors of a Russian oil group, in close proximity to the government of Vladimir Poutine.

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When some ex-politicians convert to beekeeping, like Arnaud Montebourg (who does not lose his presidential ambitions), others turn to oil. According to the Business Information Disclosure Center (run by the Russian Interfax news agency), former Prime Minister Francois Fillon has been appointed to the board of directors of a Russian state-owned oil group, Zaroubejneft.

This appointment would be effective since June 28, according to a list of members of the group published this Saturday by this Center for the disclosure of business information. Contacted by AFP, Zaroubejneft was not reachable for immediate comments.

A landmark for former foreign officials

Sentenced in June 2020 to five years in prison, two of which closed in a resounding case of fictitious jobs which had derailed his presidential campaign in 2017, François Fillon – left free until his appeal trial in November 2021 – joined the council administration of the Russian group via Apteras Sarl, the consulting company he founded in 2017 and which works with French companies established in Russia. His candidacy for the Zaroubejneft board was proposed in early June by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustine.

Other former senior foreign officials are already on the boards of Russian oil groups. Former Austrian diplomat Karin Kneissl, who had danced a waltz with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018, was appointed in June to Russian oil giant Rosneft, where former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has already been present for several years.

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A society close to power

Founded in 1967, the Zaroubejneft group’s mission was to provide technical assistance to countries friendly to the USSR, in particular to build oil infrastructures and develop their hydrocarbon deposits. Thus, he has participated in the realization of many projects in the oil sector, in particular in Algeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Egypt, India, Syria and Vietnam.

While it is not one of the Russian companies that weigh the most in the field of oil in Russia, it enjoys a certain proximity to power. Evgueni Murov, former head of the Federal Service of Protection of Russia (FSO), in particular in charge of the security of the president, is none other than the president of the management board of Zaroubejneft.

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François Fillon appointed board directors Russian oil group

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