Oceanian Awakening brings together its third political council at Mont-Dore

Meeting in political council at Mont-Dore, the Oceanian Awakening evoked this Saturday the departure of its elected members of the UC-FLNKS group and Nationalists in Congress. One subject among many others aroused by busy political news.

Stéphanie Chenais, with Françoise Tromeur

Posted on July 3, 2021 at 12:54 p.m.,

Next departure announced. The three elected Oceanian Eveil in Congress expect to leave the UC-FLNKS and Nationalist intergroup to which the name of the young party was added almost a year ago. The news evoked at the end of the week was discussed this Saturday, at the cultural center of Mont-Dore, where the EO held in front of a full room its third political council.

Appointment expected

The precedent had taken place in August 2020. The meeting was therefore eagerly awaited by leaders and activists, between the Parisian sequence of late May-early June and the election presented as imminent of a president for the seventeenth government. On the morning’s program, the highlights of recent months: the second referendum in October 2020, the stormy sale of the South factory, the fall of the sixteenth government, the famous trip to Paris …


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A presentation that was intended to be very educational, to explain the position and the strategy of the Oceanic Awakening. The analysis turned out to be rather critical towards the other parties. According to President Milakulo Tukumuli, they “lacked political responsibility to manage a situation with crises at all levels”. On the other hand, the leader of the movement believes that the President of the Republic acted in the interest of Caledonia concerning the choice, “courageous”, of the date for the third consultation.

The question of balances

At midday, it’s time for news and perspectives. The part undoubtedly the most awaited by the members. Namely the positioning of the party, especially during the renewal of the Congress announced for the end of July. If the non-independence elected representatives manage to present a single candidacy for the presidency on Boulevard Vauban, the EO advisers will vote with them. Milakulo Tukumuli repeating that respect and the sharing of balances are the very spirit of Oceanic Awakening.

A report by Stéphanie Chenais:

Oceania Awakening 2021 Policy Council

Vote for a loyalist president [du Congrès] being in the UC-FLNKS group will necessarily lead us to what the UC itself asks us to leave this group.

Milakulo Tukumuli, President of Oceanic Awakening

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Oceanian Awakening brings political council MontDore

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