Covid-19: a “bubble boat” brings back students confined to the Balearic Islands

Covid-19: a “bubble boat” brings back students confined to the Balearic Islands
Covid-19: a “bubble boat” brings back students confined to the Balearic Islands

A boat arrived Thursday evening in Valencia after leaving the Spanish island of Mallorca bringing on board 118 students who were confined in the Palma Bellver a hotel on the island where a giant outbreak of Covid-19 erupted, worrying all the country.

Dubbed the “bubble boat” because the students traveled in a part of the boat which was specially reserved for them and could not pass the other passengers, this boat left at 10 am from the port of Palma after a judge ordered on Wednesday lift the confinement of students who test negative. The boat arrived in Valencia in the early evening.

“Several buses will arrive from different regions of Spain where these young people, the majority Andalusians, come from, but also from Madrid and another region,” said Ximo Puig, president of the region of Valencia. The respective regional health authorities will decide upon their arrival whether or not to submit them to another test.

Nearly six thousand people in quarantine

Party in Mallorca to celebrate the end of their exams, hundreds of young people have tested positive since last week on their return to different parts of Spain.

According to the Health Ministry, at least 1,824 people have been infected in the outbreak and 5,978 have been quarantined across Spain. Many of the students tested positive on their return home, but others had to be confined to the island, especially in the Palma Bellver Hotel, known as the ‘Covid Hotel’.

It still housed 232 students on Wednesday who had a direct or indirect link with this epidemic focus, and 25% of whom tested positive for the coronavirus. Seized by their families, a judge ordered Wednesday to lift the confinement of students who tested negative. Positive students, on the other hand, are always locked in this hotel.

These young people locked in this establishment by the sea, shouting “we are negative, we want to go out” or posting the same message on their towels stretched to the balconies, have made the headlines in recent days in the country.


Covid19 bubble boat brings students confined Balearic Islands

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