how long will the extreme heat wave last in north america?

how long will the extreme heat wave last in north america?
how long will the extreme heat wave last in north america?

In western Canada and the United States, residents are facing an unprecedented suffocating heat wave. At least 134 people have died since Friday in the Vancouver area.

The exceptional heat wave affecting northwestern Canada and the United States is expected to last at least until the end of the week, and it could extend until mid-July. Since Monday, western Canada has recorded more than a hundred sudden deaths, increased hospitalizations and an increase in forest fires. Some cities have faced record heat for the country, rarely equaled at the world level: it was 49.5 ° C in Vancouver.

The northwestern United States, accustomed to temperate and generally humid weather, has also recorded record highs in recent days, with a high of 46.1C on Monday in Portland. In total, more than 52 million inhabitants of North America were on Wednesday in alert because of the heat.

Very light refreshment from Wednesday evening

And this episode of suffocating heat is expected to last at least until the end of the week, write the Canadian weather services in their latest bulletin.

Other meteorological specialists, however, are more pessimistic. While they recognize that temperatures are expected to drop slightly in the northeastern United States first from late Wednesday on Wednesday, they estimate the heat wave could last until mid-July on the continent, as predicted Wednesday Michael Guy, the meteorologist of the American channel CNN.

“A cooler air front will lower temperatures from Wednesday evening, but there will be a risk of severe thunderstorms on Wednesday evening,” he warns. The Ontario Weather Service confirms, in

, that thunderstorms could affect the Canadian province at the end of the week.

Mercury is expected to remain abnormally high in the second half of the week over the western continent, but temperatures will still be less extreme than they have been in recent days, according to forecasts by Canadian weather services. Daytime highs around 28 to 32 ° C and nightly lows of 16 to 18 ° C are expected.

A “dome of heat” of rare intensity

The current exceptional temperatures are explained by a phenomenon called “heat dome”: high pressures trap hot air in the region. At least 134 people have died suddenly since last Friday in the Vancouver area on the Pacific coast, authorities said. “We believe the heat contributed to the majority of the deaths,” federal police said, adding that the elderly were more affected.

The authorities called on the population to minimize their outings, to drink a lot and to check in on the lonely and elderly. Several municipalities have also set up “cooling centers”, equipped with air conditioning and misters.

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