A Groupama executive fired after racist insults

Proceedings have been initiated against the manager in question. – Pixabay/Free-Photos

The insurance group Groupama will separate from an executive at its establishment in the Antilles-Guyana who had uttered racist insults against an employee in Fort-de-France, Groupama Antilles-Guyane announced on Saturday. “Proceedings have been initiated against the perpetrator, aimed at terminating the contractual relationship, within Groupama Antilles-Guyane and the Groupama group, within the shortest possible timeframe permitted by law”, Groupama Antilles-Guyane management indicated in a press release.

The decision was taken after an extraordinary meeting on Friday of a board of directors and a social economic committee (CES). “Groupama is not that”, adds Groupama management in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana. “This act does not reflect our values ​​or our identity”, write the chairman Jacques-Charles Christophe and the general manager Patrick Raynaud. “Groupama Antilles-Guyane is a community of men and women, elected officials and employees, who embody real values ​​of proximity, responsibility, solidarity, commitment and respect”.

The executive apologized

His departure was one of the prerequisites set by the employees of the company, who walked out Thursday in the three departments to protest against these racist insults, pronounced the day before in Fort-de-France by an executive from France. The insulted employee is a FO union delegate, according to Force Ouvrière, which had received the support of other unions.

In an email to all the staff, the accused executive “wanted to apologize and personally condemned his attitude,” said the union representative Force Ouvrière (FO) of the company in Martinique, Pascal Alingérie. These comments had already been “strongly condemned” Thursday by the management of Groupama Antilles Guyane. The decentralized mutualist structure employs 220 people in the three territories.


Groupama executive fired racist insults

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