El Hayet TV suspended for a week – TSA

El Hayet TV suspended for a week – TSA
El Hayet TV suspended for a week – TSA

The affair of the former deputy Nourredine Ait Hamouda who made controversial remarks about national personalities Thursday evening on El Hayet TV took a new turn on Monday, with the reactions of the government and the Arav.

In an interview broadcast Thursday evening on this private channel, Mr. Ait Hamouda had described as ” traitors »President Houari Boumediene, Messali Hadj and Emir Abdelkader.

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This Monday morning, the government reacted officially and for the first time through the Ministry of the Mojahedin, which announced in a statement that it will become a civil party in the lawsuits brought against ” those who undermined the symbols of the nation », « men and women of the popular resistance, the national movement or the revolution of November 1, 1954 ».

In the afternoon, it is the turn of the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (Arav) to take action against the private TV channel.

Measurements of the Arav

Serious consequence of the passage of Noureddine Aït Hamouda, the Arav decided to suspend the emissions of the channel directed by Habet Hannachi, announces El Hayat on its Internet site. The suspension takes effect from this Wednesday, June 23. The channel then said that the Ministry of Communication decided to limit this suspension to one week.

Mr. Hannachi was summoned last Saturday to present himself this Monday, June 21 at the headquarters of the Arav in order to ” to explain »On the content of the interview with Noureddine Aït Hamouda and moderated by Mr. Hannachi. During the interview, Colonel Amirouche’s son spoke of ” traitors »Several historical personalities, in particular the Emir Abdelkader.

El Hayat, like the other channels in the Algerian audiovisual landscape, do not have any approval in fact. Legally, these are chains of foreign law having obtained authorizations to practice in Algeria. Arav’s decision is a first since the creation of the first channels in 2011.

Directors of TV channels, including Mr. Hannachi, were regularly summoned as a result of abuses and overruns in the content of the programs, but the Arav was content each time to call them to order.

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