What do we know about the beheading video shared on TikTok? – Release

What do we know about the beheading video shared on TikTok? – Release
What do we know about the beheading video shared on TikTok? – Release

A viral montage makes believe in the beheading of a teenage girl on the social network. The images of this assassination actually correspond to a settling of scores that took place in 2019 in Mexico.

Question asked by Sophie on June 6,


Your question relates to images that have been widely shared on social networks in recent days. Between the end of May and the beginning of June, several screenshots from an extremely violent video, showing a beheading, appeared, notably on TikTok and Twitter.

This Monday, these images were removed from most platforms. CheckNews was able to view them, however. The video lasts a little less than two minutes and shows, at first, a young Asian girl with dark hair, in sportswear, dancing to an American rap tune. The rest is incredibly gory. Without transition, a dark-haired person can be seen, sitting on a blood-stained tiled floor, having his throat slit. Two individuals with gloved hands bustle around the victim.

Two different videos

Because the dancing girl and the decapitated victim both have black hair, many internet users, obviously teenagers, seem to believe that it is one and the same person. Many of them are thus seeking to obtain the entire video, evoking “A 14 year old girl” who “Has his head cut off with scissors.” It is actually a montage made from two different videos.

The first part of the video – that of the dancing girl – appears to be from TikTok. We can indeed see the watermark (the logo of the social network) appear on these images, which also resemble the classic content broadcast on this platform. The account name is also visible: @ mayengg03, which does not currently correspond to any available profile. The @ mayengg03__ profile, with two underscores (underscores), was still online, but in private access, at the beginning of the afternoon on Monday. With 40,000 subscribers, her profile picture showed the image of a young Asian woman. It was deleted around 4 p.m. without us being able to identify its author.

The Beheading, on the other hand, was not filmed on TikTok. In the version we were able to watch, the watermark disappears precisely when the murder scene is displayed, suggesting that this video is a montage combining a video downloaded from TikTok and another, which comes from outside . A hypothesis confirmed by a spokesperson for the social network, who indicates this Monday to CheckNews to have “Quickly deleted the original video” and set up a system detecting and blocking “Proactively any new attempt to download the clip”. And of specify: “We appreciate the concerted efforts of our community to warn against a video with inconceivable content coming from another site that has been integrated into a video and then uploaded to TikTok.”

Buzz machine

The dancing girl is therefore not the victim in the beheading images. Besides, this scene was not shot recently. A reverse image search makes it possible to find traces of it from 2019. An image of the scene on which we recognize the clothes of the decapitated person (a black T-shirt with white pattern, purple shorts) as well as an orange tea towel lively, resting on her lap, matches an August 14, 2019 article on “The drug war in Mexico”. In fact, this video was made public for the first time in February 2019. It was indeed shot in Mexico, in the town of Morelos, near Cuernavaca. Several articles and dispatches from the time relate a settling of scores between a gang and a young car thief, named José Rodolfo Bellucci Botello, aged 19 according to local media. His body was reportedly found from February 8, scattered in several places in the city. In the video, we also hear men speaking in Spanish and insulting the victim, a man therefore, of “Fucking.”

Why is this video emerging now, attached to the image of a young Asian woman? It is, at the present time, difficult to define the motivations for such a publication. However, it should be noted that this montage appeared almost simultaneously, on May 30, on two Spanish-speaking blogs specializing in gory and disturbing content, entitled psychoduck (link in the cache) and duckpack_51 (archived link). Since then, the buzz machine has been in operation. Many accounts pretending to be the girl or members of her family have been created on TikTok. One of them, created in the name of duckpack_51, posing as a 14 year old girl, has posted, in the last twenty-four hours, five videos of Asian girls dancing or singing. Some have already been viewed nearly 100,000 times.

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