VIDEO. Turkey invaded by “sea snot”

VIDEO. Turkey invaded by “sea snot”
VIDEO. Turkey invaded by “sea snot”

Its appearance is as unappealing as its nickname. For several weeks now, “sea snot”, a viscous, greenish and smelly foam, has been invading the outskirts of Turkey. If the phenomenon is not new, it is particularly intense this year. Unpleasant for local residents because of the pestilential odor it gives off, it is disastrous for fishermen. Because these mucilages, plant substances, block sunlight and thus endanger marine flora and fauna.

“The other day I saw 20-30 shrimp on top of this snot. All dead. They had jumped and were stuck, they could not go back down into the water ”, testifies Muhterrem Guldane, fisherman.

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According to experts, this “sea snot” is caused by the combined effect of global warming and pollution which promotes the proliferation of plant substances. Trawlers have been deployed by the country to try to stem the problem, but the means put in place remain insufficient, say environmental defenders.


VIDEO Turkey invaded sea snot

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