Three civilians killed in Turkish bombing of Iraqi refugee camp

Three civilians were killed on Saturday June 5 in a Turkish drone bombardment of a refugee camp in northern Iraq, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently threatened with “cleanA Kurdish deputy told AFP.

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Ankara regularly bombs northern Iraq to dislodge fighters from the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), a Turkish rebel group that it considers, like its Western allies, to be “terrorist».

This bombardment, for which no assessment has so far been communicated, comes a few hours after an ambush by the PKK which left five dead in the ranks of the peshmerga, the fighters of Iraqi Kurdistan, Ankara’s great ally.

A camp compared to the Qandil Mountains

Rachad Galali, a Kurdish deputy from Makhmour, told AFP that the aerial bombardment had targeted “a kindergarten near a school»In the Makhmour camp, which shelters Kurdish refugees from Turkey. “Three civilians were killed and two injuredHe added, adding that no child had been killed.

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Earlier this week, Erdogan mentioned Makhmour, a federal city in Iraq, close to Kurdistan but 250 km south of the Turkish border, where Ankara regularly accuses the PKK of making the law in the refugee camp. He compared this camp to the Qandil Mountains on the eastern border of Iraq, a large PKK rear base from which its men train and launch attacks against Turkey.

«For us, the question of Makhmour is as important as Qandil. Why? Because Makhmour has almost become the incubator of Qandil (…) If we do not intervene, this incubator will continue to produce (terrorists)He had launched. “If the United Nations does not clean up this place, then we will do it as a member of the United Nations.He had threatened again.

More than 40,000 dead

This violence comes at a time when Ankara has been leading a new military campaign, air and sometimes land, against the PKK since April 23. Iraq regularly denounces violations of its territory and its sovereignty, but Turkey has de facto installed around ten military bases for 25 years in Iraqi Kurdistan. It also regularly bombs the rear bases of the PKK in the mountains of northern Iraq, which since 1984 has been delivering bloody guerrillas on Turkish soil that have left more than 40,000 dead.

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