UFOs: the US government report that leaves room for doubt

UFOs: the US government report that leaves room for doubt
UFOs: the US government report that leaves room for doubt

ET – An official U.S. report on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has concluded that there is no evidence that aliens exist. Without however explaining the mysterious phenomena observed by American military pilots.

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Explanations that are difficult to convince. The US government is preparing to publish a report supposed to shed light on extraterrestrial phenomena observed in recent years. Problem: the document does not put forward any explanation, thus feeding the most diverse theories.

According to the New York Times, which was able to consult this report before its expected publication at the end of June, most of the phenomena observed in recent years by American military pilots remain difficult to explain. The Directorate of Intelligence (DNI), which oversaw the investigation, concludes with certainty that the vast majority of the more than 120 incidents of this type are not related to technologies tested by the US military. But that is the only firm conclusion of the document.

“There are videos and pictures that we don’t know what they are”

Indeed, the report does not categorically exclude the possibility that they could be aircraft of extraterrestrial origin, the door remains open to other avenues. Some of the officials quoted by the New York Times admit that the fact that part of the report will remain a defense secret risks fueling speculation on secret information from the US government on the existence of extraterrestrials.

The fascination of the American public for extraterrestrials has also been revived by a recent report by the very serious American television magazine “60 Minutes” on the forthcoming publication of this report. The former President Barack Obama had, shortly after, mischievously put on a diaper, admitting during a comedy program to have asked upon his arrival at the White House if there was a secret laboratory where “we keep alien specimens and spaceships.” “They did some research and the answer was no“, he added with a smile. “What is true – and here I am serious – is that there are videos and images of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly what they are.“, added Barack Obama.

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The privileged espionage trail

For the Pentagon, the accelerations of the objects filmed by the pilots and their ability to change direction remain difficult to explain. Preferred hypothesis: that of espionage. The American intelligence services fear that China or Russia test hypersonic technologies, moving at 10 or even 20 times the speed of sound, and very maneuverable, according to one of the officials quoted by the newspaper.

To encourage airmen to report these appearances without fear of being mocked, the military no longer designates them as “unidentified flying objects“(ufo) but like”unidentified aerial phenomena “. The goal is for military experts and those in the intelligence services to have as many videos as possible available to them in order to analyze them and identify as many aircraft as possible, which the Pentagon considers more espionage than a visit. little green men. “The more data we collect, the more we can reduce the gap between identified and unidentified, and the more we can avoid strategic surprises in terms of adversary technologies.“Says a spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, Susan Gough.

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UFOs government report leaves room doubt

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