Crazy robbery in Germany: thieves steal entire cobblestone streets

Crazy robbery in Germany: thieves steal entire cobblestone streets
Crazy robbery in Germany: thieves steal entire cobblestone streets
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    In the east of Germany, thieves cleared away an entire cobblestone street. Remnants can still be seen on the left and right

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    The police are now investigating – but nobody knows exactly when the crime occurred. (Symbol image)

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    The curious crime took place in the city of Zittau. There seems to be an abundance of cobblestones here. Here: the city center.

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    Unusual crimes have occurred around the village in the past. In May 2019, for example, a construction machine weighing several tons was stolen from a construction site. (Symbol image)

In the German city of Zittau, the police are investigating the theft of an entire street – at the town’s freight yard, thieves simply used a cobblestone street and removed around 60 tons of the stones.

“Brazen thieves have torn out and stolen cobblestones in the area of ​​the loading street on an area of ​​about 280 square meters,” said a spokesman for the federal police.

Gang used small excavators

The theft was noticed by the employees of the Zittau freight yard when they returned to work after the Christmas break. Deutsche Bahn therefore limits the period of the crime from December 16, 2021 to January 3, 2022 – but nobody knows exactly when the gang struck.

The gang apparently used a small excavator for the coup. Significantly larger stones were stored next to the road – a large number of them are also missing. As the newspaper “BILD” reports, the damage and the restoration of the road amount to over 20,000 euros.

Construction machine stolen

It is not the first strange theft around the city of Zittau. As reported by the online portal Tag24, the police were looking for a flower thief in April 2019. He had stolen the roses in the garden of a local retail chain several times.

A month later, the Saxony police reported that a wheel loader had been stolen from a construction site in Zittau – a construction machine weighing tons. Thanks to an attentive citizen, however, the thief was caught. He found it suspicious that someone was driving a wheel loader through the city on Sunday morning. He called the police. (bra)

Crazy robbery Germany thieves steal entire cobblestone streets

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