The world’s most dangerous volcano claims victims

The world’s most dangerous volcano claims victims
The world’s most dangerous volcano claims victims

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 11:51 am – The Nyiragongo volcano in Congo erupted on May 29. This lava effusion killed several victims and an evacuation order was given for 400,000 people living in the region. A natural disaster can happen at any time.

A dangerous volcano

Nearly a hundred earthquakes were recorded in 24 hours near the volcano of Mount Nyiragongo, in Africa. These tremors occurred only days after its eruption which claimed the lives of several people. The volcano, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, became active on May 25.

The victims

Authorities in the Goma region quickly ordered the evacuation of more than 400,000 people. Nyiragongo is considered one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. According to the latest reports, at least 32 people have died due to volcanic activity. The lava flows would have destroyed 17 municipalities.

Worrying signs

These earthquakes do not bode well for this volcano which could activate at any time and claim other victims. Cracks spotted in the city of Goma and soil deformations remain worrying signs. Experts cannot accurately predict when another rash might occur.

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worlds dangerous volcano claims victims

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