Israeli survivor comes out of intensive care

Israeli survivor comes out of intensive care
Israeli survivor comes out of intensive care

The only Israeli boy survivor of the cable car accident that killed 14 people on Sunday (May 23) in northern Italy has been released from intensive care, a spokesperson for the Turin hospital where he is being treated has announced.

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The five-year-old boy is the only passenger to survive after the cable car cabin fell into a void in Stresa, near the top of Mount Mottarone reaching nearly 1,500 meters, killing the other 14 passengers, including his parents, her two-year-old brother and her great-grandparents. Eitan, who had suffered various trauma to the abdomen and thorax as well as various fractures, was transferred to a long-stay ward, a spokesperson for the hospital in Turin, the capital, told AFP. from Piedmont (north-west). The aunt of the little boy, whose family had emigrated to Italy in 2018, is at his bedside.

Several officials from the company operating the cable car are suspected of deliberately deactivating the emergency braking system that should have blocked the cabin when the cable broke. Thirteen passengers died instantly, while Eitan and another child were taken to hospital. The latter then died of his injuries. Popular with tourists, the Stresa cable car connects this small village to Mount Mottarone in 20 minutes, which offers spectacular views of Lake Maggiore and the Alps.


Israeli survivor intensive care

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