The EU launches its “European Health Pass” platform for travel between Member States

The EU launched its technical platform on Tuesday to ensure the interoperability of – Action Press/REX/SIPA

The EU launched on Tuesday a common platform to make the health passes of each Member State operational in the other countries of the area. In particular, the system will issue certificates allowing travel between Member States from 1 July.

Certifying that a person is vaccinated, immunized following an infection or that they have passed a negative test, this document – in paper or digital format – will be recognized by all 27. “We are launching the technical infrastructure that will allow the validation of certificates in a secure and privacy-friendly manner,” said a spokesperson for the European executive.

“Conclusive” tests

This “gateway service” operated by the Commission makes it possible to verify and authenticate the digital signatures contained in the QR codes of the certificates, without processing personal data, by consulting the “signature keys” stored in national servers.

After “conclusive” tests, states “can start using the system on a voluntary basis,” the Commission said, recalling that entry into force throughout the EU is still scheduled for July 1.

10 connected countries, but not France

Ten countries have so far connected to the infrastructure, among which seven states have started to issue their first certificates (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Poland). Athens has confirmed that it has launched its platform: “Citizens can print this certificate and travel,” said Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Greek Minister for Digital Governance. In Croatia, Covid digital certificates “work,” Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic told parliamentarians, waving his own.

Bulgaria and Poland said they were ready to issue them on Tuesday. Germany will launch its device first in certain regions, according to the Commission. In the Czech Republic, certificates will be issued and recognized first by seven EU countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland) through bilateral agreements, according to the Ministry of Health. In Denmark, a new version of the certificate has been ready since Friday to integrate the European certificate.

The French certificate recognized by other countries on June 21

“Seven member states is a good start. I encourage others to follow suit “to” allow the entire system to be operational by July 1, “commented Thierry Breton, Internal Market Commissioner.

France will set up a certificate at the national level on June 9 on the Tous anticovid application, and it should be recognized from June 21 by “other EU partner countries”, said the State Secretariat for European affairs, without specifying which countries will be.

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