Europe fears a chain reaction in the Maghreb

Europe fears a chain reaction in the Maghreb
Europe fears a chain reaction in the Maghreb

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – The states of North Africa are decisive for European security, in particular because they are the countries of origin of illegal migrants. But the EU is losing sight of several strategically key states. And other countries are taking advantage of this to exploit the resulting power vacuum.

Par Sasha Lehnartz (Die Welt)

In the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, Europe has lost sight of a neighboring region that is crucial for its future: the Maghreb. This neglect could wreak havoc, for while Europe sleeps, other powers are gaining a foothold in North Africa. China, Turkey and Qatar, in particular, are determined to expand their influence there.

At the same time, the risk of political crises increases in economically and politically unstable states in the region. The EU and Germany in particular must therefore act – and help the Maghreb states.

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This is the conclusion reached by the authors of a study drawn up within the French think tank of the Institut Montaigne. The Maghreb includes states from North Africa. Which exactly? It depends on the definition. Generally, these are Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, three countries united by their French colonial history. The same is true in the study.

«Several European countries must

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Europe fears chain reaction Maghreb

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