China’s demographic challenge in five charts

China’s demographic challenge in five charts
China’s demographic challenge in five charts

INFOGRAPHICS – Beijing now allows couples to have up to three children, in the hope of restarting a broken birth rate.

Forty years after the introduction of the “one child” policy, the Chinese Communist Party announces that families will now be able to have up to three children. Even if a relaxation of birth control had already been implemented in 2015, the latest census reveals a sharp slowdown in the birth rate.

According to the results of the decennial census, the Chinese population stands at 1.411 billion inhabitants in 2020. It marks an increase of more than 72 million inhabitants compared to 2010. But if the country retains its status as the most populated by the world, its rate of growth continues to decrease.

In 2020, the population only increased by 5.38% over the last decade, or by 0.53% on average per year, i.e. its smallest increase since the 1960s.

In the late 1970s, Chinese leaders discovered that the country’s population had nearly doubled from 1949 and was approaching one billion. We see

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Chinas demographic challenge charts

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