48 women including 16 minors (the youngest at 12), victims of procuring

In July 2020, a young girl came to the Vauclin gendarmerie to file a complaint for rape. The facts date back to the end of 2017.

The case is entrusted to the research team of Le Marin, which quickly demonstrates that a couple maintains a prostitution network. The couple is arrested, a third person is subsequently apprehended. It is about a man who had made the nose of the floor of his accommodation available for prostitution.

Thanks to the examination of the computer equipment seized during the searches of the homes of the suspects, the investigators identified 120 potential victims of acts of prostitution between 2017 and 2019, concerning girls or women from all over Martinique.

(Re) see the report by Franck Edmond-Mariette and Guilhem Fraissinet


A judicial police operation was carried out on May 25, 2021 in a hotel in Fort-de-France. The salaried manager of the establishment, aged 55, unknown to the courts until then, was arrested. A 48-year-old sports educator is also arrested in the Trénelle-Citron district.

The search inside the hotel indicates that 5 rooms are fitted out and used exclusively for prostitution. 3 others are under development.

91 people are identified including 72 who testify. “They conquered the feeling of shame “, note the gendarmes. 48 young women including 16 minors (the youngest at 12), are victims of pimping or rape, reveal the hearings.

Hotel raided in Fort-de-France

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The procedure is very classic. One of the men, often accompanied by a woman (to gain confidence), pretends to be a photographer to attract young girls. They offer them photography sessions that can lead to a great career and a lot of money.

The sessions were held in particularly light clothes and sometimes could end with young women completely naked.

Renaud Gaudeul, public prosecutor in Martinique

And all this at the cost of ignoble blackmail. If they do not want the photos to be posted on social networks, girls or women have to prostitute themselves or be raped …

The suspects partially acknowledge the facts. They have been indicted since last Friday (May 28, 2021) for aggravated procuring, criminal conspiracy and recourse to prostitution. Both are in pre-trial detention, as are the first 3 people in this case.

A case which shows that girls or women in social difficulties allow themselves to be seduced by the lure of profit. “It is an absolute drama because many of these women will have a hard time rebuilding themselves afterwards.“, underlines Renaud Gaudeul. Justice promises to crack down relentlessly against all forms of pimping in Martinique.

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