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“The work is not finished, despite the success of the vaccination”

“The work is not finished, despite the success of the vaccination”
“The work is not finished, despite the success of the vaccination”

On Monday, the UK reported more than 3,000 new Covid infections for the sixth day in a row. A number that may seem low compared to the more than 50,000 contaminations per day recorded at the peak of the second wave. But given the success of the vaccination campaign, the UK did not expect this upturn when less than 2,000 daily infections were detected in May.

Hence this warning froma Covid expert reported by the BBC: “The idea that the job is done is wrong: we still have a lot of people who are not yet vaccinated and have not yet been infected, which is why we are currently in a vulnerable position.“he told BBC4.

Current concerns in Britain seem to be linked to the so-called Indian variant, which is even more contagious than what has been called the British variant. Professor Finn, of the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization which advises the government on vaccine priority, said the UK must therefore achieve high immunity coverage in the population, not just among certain groups.

However, only 58% of Britons have already received a dose of vaccine, against 38% of fully vaccinated.

It’s a different virus, it could be a real problem and only by taking it seriously now can we get to where we want to go ASAP.“, did he declare.

This is why the total lifting of the restrictions is not expected before June 21, but scientists remain divided on the decision, which will take place on June 14 with regard to England, while Ireland, the ‘Scotland and Wales each have their own schedule.


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