LIVE – Covid: Southeast Asia in the grip of a massive new wave

In France, the health situation continues to improve. On Monday, 2,945 people were hospitalized in intensive care due to Covid-19, 48 less than the day before. Since Monday, all adults can be vaccinated. The milestone of 30 million first-time vaccines could be reached on June 10.

Globally, the pandemic has killed more than 3.5 million people. After the United States (594,431 deaths), the countries with the highest number of deaths are Brazil (461,931), India (329,100), Mexico (223,507) and the United Kingdom (127,781).

The information to remember

> The decline continues in French intensive care units

> According to Doctolib, the milestone of 30 million first-time vaccinated will be reached on June 10 in France

> Thailand struggles with a fourth wave

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> Variants change their names to no longer be linked to a country

B.1.617, B.1.1.7, B.1.351… Retaining the scientific names of the Covid variants is proving to be a real headache. But the WHO will simplify things by giving them names of Greek letters, also with the aim of avoiding “stigmatizing and discriminatory” names.

> Israel eases its health restrictions, remains closed to travelers

The Hebrew state, which has carried out a mass vaccination campaign, remains closed to non-nationals, except for those with exemptions for compelling professional or family reasons. A fortnight, which ends only after the completion of a serological test proving vaccination or sufficient immunity, is imposed on any traveler arriving in the country. Otherwise, the last daily restrictions have almost all been lifted.

> Businesses’ cash flow grew faster than their gross debt

The cash flow of companies in France increased faster in the first quarter of 2021 than their gross debt, estimates the Banque de France on Tuesday. A situation which may not last during a period of economic recovery, however. Cash increased by 11 billion euros and gross debt by only 5 million, so that net debt, the difference between the two, decreased by 6 billion euros over the period. .

Corporate net debt also remained ‘almost stable’ between the first quarter of 2020, which marked the start of the economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, and the first quarter of 2021, with an increase limited to 9 billion euros on an outstanding amount of nearly 1,000 billion, specifies the central bank in a note.

> The French saved 142 billion euros more than usual

The French saved around 142 billion euros more than normal between the end of the first quarter of 2020, shortly after the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, and the end of the first quarter of 2021, estimated this Tuesday the Banque de France.

According to her, this savings surplus was formed especially during the months of confinement in 2020, that is to say in March, April, May and November and “its accumulation continued in the first quarter of 2021”. But “according to the first available indications there was no notable acceleration of this accumulation in April with the closure of non-essential businesses throughout France”.

> Russia reopens some of its air links

“Given the improvement in the epidemiological situation in the United Kingdom, (the authorities have) decided not to extend the suspension of air traffic”, which may resume on Wednesday, announced the government body responsible for the fight against the Covid-19, cited by Russian news agencies. Russia will also resume flights with Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Lebanon, Morocco and other countries from June 10, according to the same source.

The suspension of flights to Turkey, a major tourist destination for Russians, who are several million to go there each year, remains however extended until June 21. Since the start of the pandemic, Russia’s borders have remained largely closed but have been gradually reopened to citizens of around 20 countries

> Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam struggling

Peaks of infection, new variant, shortage of vaccines… The health situation is deteriorating in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia switches to total containment on Tuesday. Vietnam tightens restrictions after discovering a new variant when Thailand records a record number of contaminations.

> The daily number of cases and deaths down slightly in India

According to Indian health authorities, 127,510 new infections have been officially identified in the past 24 hours. A figure in slight decline (152,374 the day before) which brings the total of cases to 28.175 million since the onset of the pandemic. At the same time, the country deplored 2,795 deaths (down from 3,128 the day before) bringing the total to 331,895 deaths.

> Tokyo Olympics: the first Olympic sportswomen have arrived in Japan

The players of the Australian softball team have arrived in Japan, becoming the first Olympic team to set foot in the Archipelago for the Tokyo Games, which still cause controversy and doubts in the midst of a pandemic.

On their arrival at the Narita airport terminal, near the Japanese capital, the Australian sportswomen, all smiles, waved to the press before being tested for Covid.

Subject to this test being negative, the 21 players and 10 staff members were to take up residence in the city of Ota, located about a hundred kilometers northwest of Tokyo.

> Thailand: Bangkok cancels deconfinement measures

Thai health officials have canceled planned easing in the capital from 1is June, as she struggles to contain her worst wave of coronavirus infections. Aesthetics-related businesses were to reopen on Tuesday, but their closure is extended for at least two more weeks.

Bangkok remains the epicenter of the epidemic in the country. Since the start of the Covid resurgence in early April, new cases have emerged in nightlife venues and overcrowded neighborhoods in the capital. As of April 1, a third of new cases in the country have been reported in Bangkok.

> The end of the state of health emergency promulgated in the Official Journal

The law governing the gradual exit from the state of health emergency, which notably allows the establishment of a controversial “health pass”, is promulgated in the Official Journal on Tuesday.

The Journal also publishes the decision of the Constitutional Council, which on Monday evening gave the green light to all of this law organizing the transitional regime of the state of health emergency, in a context of the decline of the Covid epidemic and acceleration of vaccination.

The text provides a legal framework for the deconfinement measures announced by the executive, without lowering our guard against the hypothesis of an epidemic resumption. It will end on September 30, and not the end of October as the executive had wished.

> Wave of fraud in billing for anti-Covid tests in Berlin

Sesame for a coffee or a beer on the terrace, these tests are now accessible to every street corner in Germany. The federal state pays 18 euros per act, an amount that has caused a wave of fraud in the billing of tests. Health Minister Jens Spahn promises to strengthen controls without wanting to take responsibility.

> Vaccination is gaining momentum in Hong Kong

The total number of reservations to be vaccinated against Covid, which includes the first and second doses, reached its highest level in nearly two months in Hong Kong. A boost to the vaccination campaign, in slow motion since September, following the measures taken by the leader of the Hong Kong executive Carrie Lam.

New government measures include granting paid leave for vaccinated officials and possible additional restrictions for unvaccinated citizens.

Some 25,400 people have booked slots for Pfizer vaccinations, while 12,300 others have made appointments to receive Sinovac injections.

> The EU and London still skeptical about the lifting of patents on anti-Covid vaccines

Proposals to start text-based discussions to allow forfeiture of intellectual property rights to coronavirus vaccines were welcomed on Monday at an informal meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) dedicated to the commercial aspect of intellectual property rights.

But several member states “continued to express their doubts about the advisability of starting negotiations and asked for more time” to analyze the proposals in this direction, said an official speaking on condition of anonymity. These countries are those of the EU as well as Australia, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

> After reassessment, Peru has the highest global death rate

Peru, which reassessed on Monday on the recommendations of experts the number of people who died from Covid, from 69,000 to 180,000, is now the country in the world with the highest number of deaths per million inhabitants, according to the classification established by AFP on the basis of official figures.

> The EU will issue a first “Covid” loan in June

The European Commission brings together the major international banks on Tuesday. The Secretary of State for European Affairs announces that the first issue will be around 10 billion euros and that “more than a hundred billion” will be injected this year. He is putting pressure on Ireland over minimum taxation.

> Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron vaccinated against Covid

Emmanuel Macron, who contracted Covid-19 in December, announced in a tweet that he and his wife Brigitte had been vaccinated, encouraging all French people to do the same. “Like Brigitte and I, like 25 million French people already, let’s get vaccinated! To protect us, to protect our loved ones “, wrote the Head of State, after a first tweet indicating only:” vaccinated! “

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