“I started to pay my debts and then it got stronger than me”

“I started to pay my debts and then it got stronger than me”
“I started to pay my debts and then it got stronger than me”
The searches carried out had resulted in the seizure of a 12-gauge rifle, two rifles, an eraser pistol and a soft air pistol. The soldiers also seized 13 kilos of dried zamal, 4 plates of 100 grams of cannabis seeds, 4,500 euros in cash and 85 feet of zamal.

Three individuals had been brought before the Saint-Denis prosecutor’s office to be tried in the context of an immediate appearance. But all had wished to benefit from a delay to prepare their defense.

This trafficking began in January 2019 until the arrest of the three individuals in April 2021. The father and Mohammad Domun say they had money problems, which is why they embarked on this trafficking. “I started to pay my debts and then it got stronger than me“, defended Mohammad Domun. Jimmy Amourgom would then have trained his son.

“A traffic SME”

Mohammad Domun would also have supplied a certain Mr. Orange who exported to Mauritius. This will be the subject of another ongoing investigation among the gendarmes of the research section.

Their trial, at the end of which the defendants faced 10 years in prison, took place on Monday. At the bar of the criminal court, the father, Jimmy Armougom, 50, his son Jimmy, 23, and the third Mohammad Domun 24.

A lousy traffic“, castigates the prosecutor evoking a”Traffic SMEs“. “You found the goose that laid the golden eggs and if we hadn’t stopped you you would have continued“, comments Eric Tuffery, who asked the defendants”to assume” facts. “You played, you lost“, continued the representative of the company who required 3 years for the Amourgom father and son and retained the co-action, and 2 years for Mohammad Domun whose trafficking lasted less than his accomplices.

In the end, the court sentenced the defendants to less severe sentences. Father and son Amourgom receive 3 years in prison, including 18 months suspended probation. Mohammad Domun was sentenced to two years in prison, one of which was closed.

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