Danish journalist makes love live on the radio

This is called field journalism. A Danish journalist reporting on the reopening of swingers clubs in Denmark, for a time closed because of the Covid-19, received on Thursday the laurels of her bosses for her subject, in which she records herself in full frolic.

“I think it’s good when our reporters try to experience journalism in a different way,” said Tina Kragelund, Radio 4’s program manager. surprise and give them new angles and do it in new ways, “she told the daily Jyllands-Posten.

The report, broadcast Monday at one o’clock in the morning (08:40), was preceded by a warning message from the presenter, specifying that the noises of sexual intercourse would follow and asking to keep the ears away “who should not hear that” .

For her first in a libertine club, the journalist is first explained the rules of the place and asks the people present, in full swing, what it feels like to be back at the “Swingland” in the suburbs of Copenhagen. On her own initiative, the reporter then decides to take the plunge.

“Can you describe what you see right now?” He is heard asking his partner, amid explicit sounds and salacious comments. “Swinger clubs are a taboo of the reopening” allowed by the lifting of restrictions linked to Covid “and my own participation gives a glimpse of a world which we rarely have a complete view”, pleaded the journalist to the Jyllands-Posten .

As part of a further reduction in the measures taken in the face of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, swingers and libertines clubs were able to reopen last Friday in Denmark after months of closed doors.


Danish journalist love live radio

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