Russian military planes intercept French military planes near their borders – France

Russian Su-27 fighter jets “escorted over the Black Sea” the French planes, a Mirage-2000, a Rafale and a tanker, the Russian Defense Ministry said. After having “prevented any violation of the border”, the Russian fighter planes returned to their base, he added.
This announcement comes at a time when relations between Russia and Western countries are very tense, the latter accusing Moscow of massing troops on the border of Ukraine for an invasion.
This Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said he threatened his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin with sanctions “like he has never seen” in the event of an attack on Ukraine, the day after a meeting between the two heads of government. ‘State.
The sending of American troops to defend Ukraine from a Russian attack is on the other hand “not envisaged” because the country is not part of NATO, he further affirmed.


Russian military planes intercept French military planes borders France

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