EMA: Green light for child vaccination

EMA: Green light for child vaccination
EMA: Green light for child vaccination

The responsible EMA committee recommended an extension of the approval on Thursday. The final decision has yet to be made by the European Commission. But this is a matter of form. So far, there has not been a corona vaccine that is approved in the EU for children under the age of twelve. More on this …

2,600 children reserved for CoV vaccination

In Upper Austria, children between the ages of five and eleven have been preregistered for the vaccination for almost a week. By Wednesday there had been 2,600 such reservations, according to a broadcast from LH-Stv. Christine Haberlander (ÖVP), who is also responsible for health. The waiting list is getting longer every day. As soon as the recommendation of the National Vaccination Board is there, vaccination appointments can be booked. It should be possible to have children vaccinated by both resident doctors and public vaccination routes.

Off-label vaccination campaign on weekends

For the coming weekend, the state of Upper Austria is offering an “off-label vaccination campaign” for the first time – with up to 2,000 vaccinations for five to eleven year olds. According to health councilor Christine Haberlander (ÖVP), medical experts of the crisis team have spoken out in favor of this together with the medical association. Parents who have already registered their children for a vaccination on the waiting list are already informed about vaccination options by SMS. As soon as EMA approval has been granted, further offers and plans are to be presented.

Around 1,700 so-called off-label vaccinations for five to eleven year olds, i.e. without official approval, have already been carried out in Upper Austria.

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