The day after the coalition agreement: First traffic light malfunction due to mandatory vaccination – domestic policy

Will this be the first ordeal for the traffic light?

As soon as the coalition agreement between the SPD, Greens and FDP is in sackcloth, a hot Corona issue is picking up speed: compulsory vaccinations.

Big danger of Zoff! Because: A consensus is not in sight. The coalition partners seem to think about this very differently.

For example, the future Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (44, FDP) does not consider a discussion about a general obligation to vaccinate against Corona to be appropriate at the moment.

Such a “would not help us at the moment,” said the FDP politician on Thursday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. There are many difficult questions to answer – how to enforce this, how to organize it.

Buschmann put it plainly: “That is why, in my opinion, it is not on the agenda now.”

Very likely soon Federal Minister of Justice: Marco Buschmann (FDP)Photo: Jonas Güttler / dpa

But: The FDP man also keeps a door open. It is forbidden to categorically exclude anything in a dynamic situation for all time, explained Buschmann.

Baerbock does not rule out compulsory vaccinations

In contrast, the future Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (40) does NOT want to rule out a general vaccination requirement. In addition to a compulsory vaccination for certain areas and professions, “what is needed for a general compulsory vaccination” will be checked, according to the Green politician.

According to the Greens, the traffic light parties want to advise on stricter corona measures in Germany at the beginning of December. “We gave ourselves ten days to see whether we had come far enough with the booster vaccinations and protective measures,” said Greens boss Baerbock on Wednesday evening.

► The Co-leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt (55), advocated compulsory vaccination on Thursday morning. This is not helping now. “But she’ll help us later,” she says on ARD. Compulsory vaccination is a tough procedure. “I don’t shy away from it.”

FDP Chief Christian Lindner (42) again spoke out in favor of waiting to see how constitutional experts think about it. “That is highly controversial.” Only when they come to the opinion that a vaccination is possible, “must then be politically decided whether you want it”.

Soon-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) was open to the debate: “You can’t exclude anything,” he said on ZDF on Wednesday. “The first step opens the debate about the second,” he adds, referring to the compulsory partial vaccination required by the federal states for staff in care facilities, for example.

“What you don’t see on the agenda now can easily find its way there if the need is great enough. You can argue about it – but not endlessly, ”warns political expert Prof. Dr. Heinrich Oberreuter opposite BILD.

And further: “The decision will not be made by the coalition or one of its partners, but the desperate situation in the clinics and the numbers of infected and dead. Not to answer that would be irresponsible. And the argument that the Basic Law forbids compulsory vaccination – for professional groups or in general – is intellectually bleak. ”Because: The Basic Law guarantees the right to physical integrity. The protection of human dignity is based on this requirement. Because the human dignity of the dead is gone. And to infect others is not a right to freedom, ”said Oberreuter.

To put it plainly: “The traffic light will not let itself be divided by this question. Even FDP representatives are now suggesting the possibility of a different agenda. “

New pandemic management planned

At the presentation of the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FPD, Olaf Scholz announced the establishment of a permanent federal-state crisis team in the Chancellery.

According to him, the body should start work before the traffic light government is in office. Scholz said in the evening on ARD: “It’s about organizing constant, professional monitoring of this situation.” It is important to have all the data available on a daily and weekly basis and to draw the necessary conclusions from it immediately.

Buschmann said that the overarching crisis team should also manage operationally and keep track of the extent to which agreements are being implemented. With the crisis team, the daily pandemic management should be put on a better organizational basis.

It remains questionable whether the new pandemic management will recommend compulsory vaccination in the near future!

Political scientist Prof. Dr. Volker M. Heins across from BILD! “The vaccination will come, just as a seat belt obligation for drivers was introduced at some point. There will not be any major conflicts in the new government, ”said the political expert from the Institute for Cultural Studies in Essen.

Union puts pressure

Leading Union politicians are pushing for a faster pace. The measures initiated would probably not be enough, said Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (53, CDU) on Wednesday evening.

“We have to act intensively now.” The planned evaluation on December 9th was “much too late”. Previously, the Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (43, CDU) had called for a quick meeting of the state heads of government, preferably this week.

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