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Math teacher is now tutoring on Pornhub

Math teacher is now tutoring on Pornhub
Math teacher is now tutoring on Pornhub

Math usually doesn’t have that much to do with porn, but a Taiwanese math teacher is now using a porn platform for his lessons (icon image).

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Where it usually gets pretty erotic, there are now bare numbers. Mathematics is actually quite un-erotic, but not for a 34-year-old teacher from Taiwan, for whom the number of clicks on the streaming platform “YouTube” was probably not enough. Without further ado, he switched to the porn site “Pornhub”, as reported by the specialist magazine “Advertise and Sell”.

The Taiwanese, who calls himself “Changhsumath666” on “Pornhub”, now regularly holds highly complex mathematics lessons there, which mostly revolve around the topic of analysis.

6000 followers and 1.7 million clicks

One could quickly conclude that the math videos will be adapted to their new environment, but according to the Austrian technology portal “Futurezone”, Changhsu’s videos actually contain no eroticism apart from bare numbers.

So far, around 6,000 users have followed him on the platform and his math videos have already been seen by 1.7 million people.

Changhsumath666 math account on Pornhub.

Changhsumath666 math account on Pornhub.

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No minimum for eroticism

Apparently it was not clear to him that the teacher would have so much success with it. He explained his move to the platform to the Californian men’s magazine “Mel Magazine” with:

“Since there are very few people teaching math on adult video platforms and there are so many people watching videos on them, I thought a lot of people would see my videos if I uploaded them there.”

Apparently “Pornhub” has no problem with that, because there are no guidelines for a certain minimum amount of eroticismthat must contain videos. The website even made him a verified user and ticked the math account. And Changhsu’s math videos are another exception: they are all suitable for workplaces.

“Didn’t want to teach on ‘Pornhub'”

Via his videos, the teacher usually leads to his website, where he also offers tutoring courses. This calculation seems to work for the Taiwanese, because According to “Mel Magazine”, he has already generated around 7.5 million Taiwan dollars (231,000 euros) in revenue per year.

The teacher, as he admits in an interview with “Mel Magazine”, did not necessarily want to teach on “Pornhub”:

“I didn’t want to teach math on ‘Pornhub’. I wanted to let the world know that I was a teacher from Taiwan who was good at arithmetic.”

Changhsu on his math videos on “Pornhub”

Suggestive comments included

Only with the suggestive comments under his contributions does the teacher have to live for better or worse on “Pornhub”. Some visitors to the site write comments like: “Mathemaf ** k. Uh, sorry, Mathemaklick.” Fortunately, according to information from the “Futurezone”, these are otherwise consistently positive.


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