Settled as early as 1021 – this is how researchers solved the great Viking riddle in America

This is how researchers solved the great Viking riddle in America

For the first time, it is possible to say exactly to the year when the Europeans discovered Newfoundland. The decisive clue is a solar storm – and a few pieces of wood.

Alexandra Bröhm

Posted today at 4:36 pm

For days the men didn’t know where they were. Actually, they had intended to sail from Iceland to Greenland. But there was a breeze from the north that drove their ship ahead of them, and the mist lay over the water. When the sky finally cleared, the Vikings discovered land. But Icelander Bjarni knew after a quick glance that it couldn’t be Greenland. Already at the beginning of the trip he had a bad feeling because none of them actually knew what Greenland looked like. But he had already heard that there were large glaciers and mountains there. And this land here was flat and forested, and – what Bjarni could not have known – today it is called Newfoundland and belongs to Canada.


Settled early researchers solved great Viking riddle America

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