Peter Nygard (80) – fashion mogul built a sex ring – and silenced his victims for years

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Peter Nygard always showed himself to be in the company of beautiful, young women. However, many of his companions were sexually abused on his property. The fashion mogul has been in custody in Canada since December 2020.


That’s right at the beginning of October 2021e Nygard ein extradition to the USA zuto be charged with sex trafficking and organized crime there.


Nygard (pictured with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson) regularly organized so-called “pampering parties” on his dreamlike luxury property on the western tip of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.

Nygard (pictured with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson) regularly organized so-called «Pampering parties» on his dreamlike luxury estate on the western tip of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.


  • The Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard is to be extradited to the USA. He should for sexually abusing dozens of women to be accused.

  • But also lie in Canada six Ads because of sexual assault and three wegspookyviolent deprivation of liberty before.

  • Its victims were silenced for years, but now many dare to unpack.

The Canadian and US judiciary are currently squabbling over one man: Peter Nygard. Both countries want the Canadian Modemogul because of sexualr Abuse dozens of women – some only 14 years old – behind barsn smarry. The 80-year-old agreed to be extradited to the United States about two weeks ago to face charges of sex trafficking and organized crime. But the extradition process wisdandurch eother Toronto Police announcement made difficultas “New York Times” reported. The agency stated that there was also an arrest warrant for Nygard in Canadae. Go with ite there were six cases of sexual assault and three cases of violent deprivation of liberty.

Peter Nygard is said to have used the influence and resources of his company for years to «mrecruiting and sexually abusing adult female victims». The Canadian with Finnish roots founded in the 1960s «Nygard International», a global company Modeucompany. The first reports against the multimillionaire go back to 1987. Nygard is said to have operated a sex trafficking ring in Canada, the United States and the Bahamas, desweet activities spanned more than two decadesn.

A network should silence victims

A victim known in the media as only Jane Doe number 1 filed a complaint against Nygard in 2015. The ModeMogul raped her when she was 14 years old, the woman said. She is one of round 70 moren women, which with similar allegations at the police station reported to have. In December 2020, Nygard was arrested in Winnipeg, Canada. He is in custody.

The cases came jedoch jFor years it has not come to light because the Canadians have a sophisticated network of loyal employees and employees, lawyers and lawyers as well as corrupt authorities and politicians and politiciansn had built in the Bahamas to silence its victims and block anyone who might try to expose him. It wasn’t until the long-standing merciless argument with his neighbor Louis Bacon got the ball rolling: According to the New York Times, Bacon turned to the judiciary at the beginning of 2020 and declared that underage women were being raped on Nygard’s property.

Also threatens the media so that they do not uncover cases

The Modemogul regularly organized so-called «Pampering parties» on his dreamlike luxury estate on the western tip of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. Prominent guests were always invited to the parties: from pop star Michael Jackson to former US President George W. Bush to the British Prince Andrew.

Nygard said the parties were used to find young models for his fashion shows. But Michelle May, a former employee of the designer, told the judiciary in 2010 that the parties were only used to «To provide women so that Nygard could choose who he would spend the night with ».

May recalls in an interview with the Canadian broadcaster CBC an onen 2003 incident. Also the 17 year old Dominican Maribel Rodriguez was then invited turn into. «She could barely speak English. She thought she was going to be a model », says May. But something must be in that night happenedthat terrified Rodriguez. «She panicked, started screaming and crying, and ran away until she finally found us»said the Ex-Employee May.

When the broadcaster CBC Nygard confronted the allegations, the editorial management received an oathadaily statement by Rodriguez. In it the woman claimed that the time in Nygard’s property in the Bahamas “ancomfortable and fun» and that all men are as «real Gentlemen» behaved, including Nygard. The lawyers threatened to write Further with criminal prosecution if CBC continues the storyon should.

“A huge pouf” in the Bahamas

In 2019, so many victim reports had accumulated that a research team from CBC several It took days to sift through the material. Eformer employees showed up ebif necessary bereit, unpack: «Over time, I realized that it wasn’t a normal workplace was just a huge pouf»said Richette Ross, who was hired as Nygard’s massage therapist in the Bahamas in 2009.

Ross tells CBC how she saw a young girl escaping from Nygard’s room naked one evening. «She ran to the gate and tried over to climb. Then one of the bodyguards camer, dragged her from the Fence and carried her back. “

All just a conspiracy against him, says Peter Nygard

Women who were unwilling to have sex with Nygard were often drugged by the staff. «if Mrson says noon, have Nygard’s employees and Mitarbeiterinnen igiven them intoxicants and prepared them so that Nygard could mount them. The bartenders usually gave the women roofies in their drinks. “

Victim Jane Doe Number 3 tells about her experience in 2011: «He started pushing me. And I said: ‘You have to stop, stop.’ But I felt als i would too 100 percent tryonto fend him off, while my body is very different behaved.» The woman reported Peter Nygard for rape. She was only 15 years old at the time, from a poor district of Nassau.

To this day, Nygard denies all allegations. He claims that his victim «Part of a big conspiracy» seien. As proof of that refers the 80 year old on a complaint filed by two women against his ex-massage therapist Richette Ross had. According to “New York Times” two sisters originally claimed to have been raped by Nygard in the Bahamas – shortly afterwards they testified that they had been paid for their lies by Richette Ross.

Ross rejects the claim. “I think he suddenly got scared.”

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