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Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 04:28 Over 100 million Brazilians completely vaccinated +++

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 04:28 Over 100 million Brazilians completely vaccinated +++
Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 04:28 Over 100 million Brazilians completely vaccinated +++

Thursday October 14, 2021

+++ 04:28 Over 100 million Brazilians completely vaccinated +++

Around ten months after the start of the nationwide vaccination campaign in Brazil, more than 100 million Brazilians have been completely vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Health, this corresponds to 62.5 percent of the target group of over 18-year-olds. More than 51.5 million more doses of corona vaccines are expected to arrive soon. President Jair Bolsonaro does not want to be vaccinated after his infection. “I see new studies, my immunization is high,” he told a radio station.

+++ 00:22 allesaufdentisch: Youtube deletes two more videos +++
Youtube has deleted two more videos of the controversial campaign allesaufdentisch. The company cites a violation of a guideline on misinformation about the corona pandemic as the reason. Youtube had already deleted three clips days ago, but uploaded one of them again after a new check.

+++ 23:39 G20 finance ministers allow corona economic aid to continue +++
The finance ministers of the G20 group of states want to adhere to the economic aid that was decided in view of the corona pandemic. “We will continue to support the recovery and avoid any premature withdrawal of support measures,” said the finance ministers and central bank chiefs of the 20 major industrialized and emerging countries in Washington. The global recovery from the economic effects of the pandemic has continued at a “stable pace” over the past few months. However, the recovery is proceeding very differently between states and within countries and is also threatened by relapses, for example if new virus variants appear.

+++ 22:30 Federal states report 11,419 new infections – Thuringia “front runner” in incidence +++
The 16 federal states report 11,419 new infections. That is 161 less than in the previous week. The number of those who died in connection with Corona rose by 78. Last Wednesday there were 76. The seven-day average for new infections is currently 8,403. The seven-day average for deaths is currently 62.

The number of active infections is currently given as 129,059.

The seven-day incidences in the federal states take completely different developments. While the value in Bremen falls by more than ten within a day, it rises by 5.6 in Saarland, for example, and by 6.6 in Thuringia, Germany’s current hotspot.

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Coronavirus live ticker million Brazilians completely vaccinated

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