Bomb alarm – old camera makes an emergency landing in New York

PublishedOctober 12, 2021, 5:31 pm

An American Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing. A passenger had informed the staff about a possible bomb on board. But there was something completely harmless behind it.

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A plane crashed in New York at the weekend.


A bomb alarm had been triggered on board.


However, there was no bomb on the plane.

However, there was no bomb on the plane.


  • An aircraft had to land unplanned in the USA.

  • The reason was an old camera that a passenger had with him.

  • One passenger mistakenly thought it was a bomb.

An American Airlines plane that took off from an Indianapolis airport had to make an unscheduled emergency landing in New York last weekend. The reason for this was a bomb alarm on board.

As it turned out later, there was neither a terrorist nor a bomb on the plane. Rather, a passenger had observed a man scrolling through numerous pictures and videos from old photo cameras. The woman then wrongly assumed that these were blueprints for a bomb.

Held to the ground

When the man finally took his own antique camera out of his luggage and played with its settings, the passenger believed that the man was now activating a bomb himself. So she immediately made the cabin crew aware of the situation. When the pilots were also informed, they decided to make an emergency landing in New York.

After the emergency landing, all passengers were asked to evacuate the aircraft immediately. The man with the old camera was immediately taken into custody by security forces and held on the ground. There he was subjected to a body search and all of his luggage was searched.

It took a few more hours to finally clarify what the real problem was. Several other older cameras were found in the man’s luggage, but they were ultimately recognized as such. The man was able to leave custody on the same day and faces no further fees or penalties.

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