Congress hearing – Facebook boss Zuckerberg reacts to allegations

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“Just not true” and “deeply illogical” – Zuckerberg reacts to allegations

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“Since Facebook is a global network, a transnational solution would have to be found”

Former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before the US Congress and called for strict regulation of the online giant. Franziska Zimmerer, head of the WELT department “Community & Social”, speaks about Haugen’s statement and possible consequences for Facebook.

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Observers say the reactions are a sign that Facebook is taking the allegations of whistleblower Frances Haugen very seriously. Company boss Mark Zuckerberg expressed himself clearly on his platform.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has rejected the allegations of the whistleblower Frances Haugen, according to which the group harms children and is fueling social division. The claim that the company puts profit over safety and well-being is “simply not true,” said Zuckerberg on Tuesday in a detailed statement to the employees, which he published on his Facebook account. “The argument that we are deliberately promoting content in order to make people angry for money is deeply illogical,” wrote Zuckerberg. “

“I don’t know of any technology company that wants to make products that make people angry or depressed,” said the Facebook founder. He went into numerous points that Haugen had made on Tuesday at a hearing in the US Congress. “If we wanted to ignore research, why are we creating a research program to understand these important issues?” He asked. “If we don’t care about fighting harmful content, why are we hiring so many people to deal with it?”

Haugen accused Facebook before the subcommittee on consumer protection, product safety and data security of putting its own profits above the safety of people – with devastating consequences for people, democracy and society. She called for strict regulation of the online giant.

Haugen only revealed herself as a whistleblower on Sunday after revelations about the harmful effects of the Facebook platforms on young people. You have passed on the results of internal investigations to the “Wall Street Journal”.

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Child protection on social media

The newspaper had reported that Facebook had come to the conclusion in its own investigations that the Instagram platform in particular could damage the mental health of young people. The newspaper quoted the sentence: “We make problems with our own body image worse for one in three teenagers.”


Congress hearing Facebook boss Zuckerberg reacts allegations

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