Sexism in the gym: crazy fight over sports bra

Sexism in the gym: crazy fight over sports bra
Sexism in the gym: crazy fight over sports bra

CopenhagenAfter a public debate, a fitness studio in Denmark now allows training in a sports bra. The studio’s rules, which have been in effect for years, are being changed, as the fitness center of the University of South Denmark in Odense, SDU Fitness, announced on Facebook late Tuesday evening after an extraordinary board meeting on the subject. The rules should become more contemporary and more similar to those of the large Danish gym chains. “Training in a sports bra is therefore also permitted,” made SDU Fitness clear.

The controversy began after students were banned from exercising in sports bras. The newspaper Jyllands-Posten described the whole thing as a “struggle for sportswear, cultural respect and Danish values”. “I feel most comfortable in a sports bra during training,” the newspaper quoted a medical student who had initiated a signature campaign with others entitled “Stop the ban on bare bellies at SDU Fitness”. Several hundred people signed the action. MPs also responded to the controversy.

The prohibition was justified with hygiene, consideration for other cultures and the question of what is appropriate or unsuitable for the work-out. In the rules of conduct of the studio, in which students and teachers of the university are exclusively allowed to train, it is said, among other things, that it is not allowed to train with a bare upper body or only wearing a sports bra.


Sexism gym crazy fight sports bra

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