Explosive book – US general allegedly restricted Trump’s access to nuclear weapons – News


Chief of Staff Mark Milley is said to have taken precautions to restrict US President Donald Trump’s authority over nuclear weapons at the time.

What is it about? In a book that has not yet been published, piquant details from US politics are to come to light. They concern the Chief of Staff of the US Military, Mark Milley. The authors of the book “Peril”, which means danger, are the well-known investigative journalist Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, the leading reporter for the Washington Post.


Bob Woodward was one of the journalists who uncovered the Watergate affair.


What was revealed According to the authors of the book, General Mark Milley has enforced in the Pentagon that a possible order for a nuclear attack on the part of the then US President Donald Trump would only be carried out with Milley’s consent. The chief of staff also phoned the Chinese army command and guaranteed that there would be no surprise military attack in the South China Sea and that he would warn them. Milley considered the mental state of President Donald Trump to be unpredictable after he was voted out of office.

How credible is that? The statements come from leaked passages of a book that has not yet been published, which cites anonymous sources. So far, however, there have been no denials. Various US media are now saying that they could have fundamentally verified the situation. To what extent the wording of the quotations is correct, it is not known, according to USA correspondent Isabelle Jacobi. “It makes a difference whether General Milley says he would personally warn the Chinese of an attack or whether he says he does not guarantee a surprise attack.”


It is not clear whether anyone in the White House knew about the secret channel to the Chinese, according to USA correspondent Jacobi.


What exactly is Milley being accused of? Ex-President Donald Trump said in a communiqué that General Milley had committed treason if the story was true and that he himself had never planned an attack on China. “The Republicans are demanding the immediate resignation of the chief of staff, indirectly confirming the revelations,” says Jacobi. Senator Marco Rubio wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden that Milley’s behavior set a dangerous precedent and challenged the principle of civilian leadership in the military.

Is Milley still sustainable as chief of staff? The White House and the Pentagon have not yet commented on this. For the Republicans, Milley would no longer be acceptable, says Isabelle Jacobi. “If the information is correct, General Milley has deliberately disregarded the official channels and defrauded the authority of the civilian army chief, the president.” That would put him in a difficult position as the top general in the US military, where official channels are sacred. A hearing with General Milley before Congress is already planned and a resignation cannot be ruled out.


Explosive book general allegedly restricted Trumps access nuclear weapons News

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