Young man (24) marries 61-year-olds: Now both are documenting their sex lives

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Young man (24) marries 61-year-olds: Now both are documenting their sex lives

Cheryl McGregor, 61, and Quran McCain, 24, got married. Now they even let people participate in their sex life.

Rome (Georgia) – They got married: Cheryl McGregor (61) and Quran McCain (24) have been married since September 3rd.

Both with the last name McCain are now called: Cheryl (61) and Quran (24). © Instagram / screenshot / therealoliver6060

Now they are also partially documenting their sex life on OnlyFans, the Daily Star currently reports. Because, according to the couple, that should be nothing less than “great”.

But is the love of the two Americans who live in Rome in the US state of Georgia real – or is it just the attempt to gain fame in this way?

If you believe the Quran, then he really seems to have found love with Cheryl – just as the 24-year-old raves about his dream woman.

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Flashback: The couple, which TAG24 reported back in June, have known each other since 2012. Quran was 15 years old when he worked at the fast food restaurant run by Cheryl’s son Chris.

At that time there was no romance at all. At some point they both lost sight of each other. It wasn’t until 2020 that Quran happened to meet Cheryl again, who was working as a cashier.

The 17-time grandmother cried herself to the young man because she received negative comments on TikTok.

Cheryl (61) and Quran (24) streamed their wedding live.

Cheryl (61) and Quran (24) streamed their wedding live. © TikTok / screenshot / oliver6060

According to the Daily Star, the Quran said, “I’ve never felt anything like I do for Cheryl. When I was 23, we connected on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know and connect – and there our love got really strong. “

The couple wanted to show their affection all the more and therefore streamed the marriage live on TikTok.

Qur’an reported, “My best friends were there and we went to Bones BBQ Joint afterwards and had a very good meal. We then went back to our hotel and made love for two hours.”

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Not in the mood for work: civil servant calls himself for hours

Only three of Cheryl’s seven children, one of whom is younger than her husband, had consented to the marriage. However, the Qur’an was fully supported by his family.

It is foreseeable that not everyone will get along with this couple. “We get a mixture of positive and negative feedback,” the Quran sums up the situation.

Where love falls: Mr. and Mrs. McCain don’t let anyone spoil the fun.


Young man marries #61yearolds documenting sex lives

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