imposture Suzy Kies, indigenous “knowledge keeper”

imposture Suzy Kies, indigenous “knowledge keeper”
imposture Suzy Kies, indigenous “knowledge keeper”

While the whole world is protesting against the destruction of books intended for children, including comics by Asterix or Tintin, the independent researcher who encouraged this purge would have, contrary to her statements, no link with the First Nations peoples.

In the land of multiculturalism, his Aboriginal ancestry provided him with the necessary legitimacy in his fight for reconciliation with the First Nations. But a new Radio-Canada investigation shows that Suzy Kies, self-proclaimed “guardian” of indigenous “knowledge” and co-chair of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC, formation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), did not the origins she claims to have. The lady does not appear in any of the Amerindian registers consulted by our colleagues.

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Resignation of the Liberal Party

After in-depth research in civil status documents, as well as in census registers, it appears that Suzy Kies does not come from any of the branches of the Abenaki people, an ethnic group to which she nevertheless claims to be. Under Aboriginal Law, therefore, she has no Indian status. Irony of history for the one who denounced the appropriation of the history of the First Nations by the Whites. And who is partly responsible for the destruction of nearly 5,000 books intended for children, including comics of Asterix, Tintin and Lucky Luke, deemed offensive to indigenous peoples. After these revelations, this researcher resigned on September 8 from the PLC. While maintaining his assertions as to his genealogy: “This research [Effectuées par elle est sa famille dans les années 1990, N.D.L.R.] confirmed that we were of Abenaki descent. This confirmed what my grandmother had always told us ”, she wrote in a press release.

She also justified her withdrawal from the party by the refusal “That one uses [son] story to harm Justin Trudeau ”. She also said she was hurt by this public questioning of her identity, arguing that she would continue her “Work to advance reconciliation and honor the history of [sa] family”. “I have dedicated my life to honoring my culture and defending the rights of Indigenous children and youth to have the same educational and employment opportunities as non-Indigenous peoples.She continues. Contacted by Le Figaro, Suzy Kies has not yet responded to our interview requests.

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Pausing the process of the “Give back to Mother Earth” project

For their part, members of the Providence Catholic School Board, the administrative authority which, after calling on Suzy Kies, implemented the literary purge in thirty elementary and secondary schools in Ontario, said they were “Deeply troubled and worried”. “We were confident that Suzy Kies was of Aboriginal descent. We had asked her and she had confirmed it to us. We had relied on his word. […] We regret that we did not do more research on it ”, tells us the spokesperson of the council, Lyne Cosette.

Carefully avoiding our questions about the project called “Give back to Mother Earth”, the aim of which is to “Strip libraries of all books that promote negative and false stereotypes about indigenous people”, as Suzy Kies told it in a video shot in 2019, Lyne Cosette nevertheless concedes: “These revelations prompt us to re-think our overhaul process. In this sense, we […] let’s put the whole “Giving Back to Mother Earth” project on hiatus. “

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Debate ignites Canadian election campaign

This resignation came a few hours before the “leaders’ debate”, where Justin Trudeau notably faced Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Québécois and main opponent in the polls in Quebec. Attacked on his lack of firmness in the face of the scandal generated by the practices of Kies and the Providence Catholic school board, the Prime Minister assured that he judged, in a personal capacity, “unacceptable” the destruction of these works.

He nevertheless took refuge behind his non-native status. “You have to leave a lot of space for personal identity. I’m not defending the gesture, but I want everyone to be careful, did he declare. We are not going to tell indigenous peoples how they should feel and finding that balance is important. ”

Early federal elections are due to be held on September 20 in the country, after the Prime Minister called for the dissolution of parliament on August 15, 2021. As the PLC placed second in the polls behind the conservatives, the Suzy Kies affair sinks a little more Justin Trudeau, already outvoted in the House of Commons since the 2019 election.

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