Texas abortion law – suffragettes win stage victory

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New law praised bounty for abortions – women’s rights activists achieve stage victory

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Protests against the abortion law in Texas

Source: AP / Joel Martinez

The Texas Heartbeat Act prohibits abortion once the fetus’s heartbeat has been determined. The health organization Planned Parenthood has now obtained an injunction before a Texas court.

In the heated battle for an extremely rigid abortion law in the US state of Texas, women’s rights activists have achieved a stage victory. According to consistent media reports, the health organization Planned Parenthood – which advocates sexual education, advises on family planning and carries out abortions – obtained an injunction in a Texas court.

This is directed against an anti-abortion organization that wants to enforce the new law and restrict the powers of clinics.

The background is the so-called heartbeat law from Texas, which came into force on Wednesday. It prohibits abortion once the fetus’s heartbeat has been determined. This can be the case as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. Many women do not yet know that they are pregnant at this point. There is only an exception for medical emergencies.

What is unusual about the regulation is that it enables private individuals to take civil action against those who help a woman with an abortion. This could lead to lawsuits against a number of people – for example, someone driving someone to an abortion appointment, parents paying for an abortion, or health care workers. Plaintiffs, if convicted, will receive $ 10,000 payable by the convict.

The law appoints citizens as bounty hunters and offers them financial reward for following their neighbors, judge Sonia Sotomayor outraged in her written objection to the court’s first ruling.

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Planned Parenthood reportedly sued Texas Right to Life on the grounds that their intentions would cause “immediate, irreparable harm” to Planned Parenthood clinics and workers. Texas Right to Life is at the forefront of enforcing the law, including a website where people can be blackmailed. The injunction now means that the organization cannot file lawsuits against Planned Parenthood until further notice.


Texas abortion law suffragettes win stage victory

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