Denmark lifts all corona restrictions on September 10th

Denmark lifts all corona restrictions on September 10th
Denmark lifts all corona restrictions on September 10th

Denmark will lift all of its restrictions on protection against the coronavirus from September 10th. According to the Ministry of Health, the Covid-19 disease is no longer critical for society.

Great Britain has already celebrated its “Freedom Day” from the coronavirus. Denmark is now following: Germany’s neighboring country no longer wants to see the virus and the associated disease Covid-19 as “critical for society”, as the Ministry of Health announced in Copenhagen on Friday. This will also abolish many corona restrictions.

The Danish government has decided not to continue this categorization. The reason for this step is the well-advanced vaccination campaign and strong epidemic control, according to the ministry. The decision was made after involving the professional reference group, the country’s epidemic commission and the health authorities.

“Epidemic under control” – but not over

“The epidemic is under control, we have record high vaccination rates. Therefore, on September 10, we can drop some of the special rules that we had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19. The government has promised not to adhere to the measures any longer than necessary , and now we are here. But even if we are in a good position at the moment, we are not yet out of the epidemic. And the government will not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic threatens important functions in our society again ” said Health Minister Magnus Heunicke.

A disease that is “critical to society” must, by definition, have the potential to compromise health care. With this categorization, anti-corona measures such as mask requirements or assembly bans could be introduced. With the abolition of the categorization, some provisions of the Danish Epidemic Act are no longer applicable. Among other things, this means that the remaining rules will end because there will no longer be a legal basis to maintain them, according to the ministry. This also applies to restrictions in discos, among other things.

Denmark went through a severe corona wave in winter, but has been able to keep the number of infections at a relatively stable level for a few weeks, as figures and graphics from the Statens Serum Institute – the Danish counterpart to the Robert Koch Institute – show. The 7-day incidence of 124.9 is higher than in Germany, where the value was given on Friday as 70.3. However, when it comes to vaccination, Denmark is further ahead than its southern neighbor: 74.9 percent of the Danish population has been vaccinated at least once, 70.2 percent are fully vaccinated. In Germany, 64.8 percent of the population received at least one vaccination dose, 59.9 percent are fully vaccinated.

Further sources: TV2, Statens Serum Institut, RKI-Impfdashboard


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