Woman dies in bungee jump after forgetting she was not tied

Yecenia Morales Gomez, 25, was bungee jumping for the first time alongside her boyfriend. This experience was fatal to him.

Yecenia Morales Gomez, a 25-year-old lawyer, was about to bungee jumping for the first time, Sunday July 18. For this, she had gone with her boyfriend to a bridge in the Colombian province of Antioquia. After preparing and listening to the instructions, Yecenia and her boyfriend climb to the edge of the platform and wait until they can jump.

At the instructor’s signal, the two lovers set off. “She got confused. The signal to jump was for the boyfriend as he was already strapped to the safety gear.”, explains the mayor of the town to the media El Tiempo. Yecenia, she had indeed put on her harness, but was not yet hooked to the elastic. His fall from more than 45 meters was fatal.

Yecenia Morales Gomez: what caused her death?

At the bottom of the bridge, her boyfriend immediately rushes to her to provide first aid. But it’s too late. When firefighters arrive at the scene of the tragedy, Yecenia is already dead. According to a medical report, the young woman is said to have died of cardiac arrest during its fall. An investigation into the circumstances of the accident is underway. Indeed, according to the mayor of the town, there are two companies offering bungee jumping in the region … but none of them has the authorization to do so.

While bungee jumping accidents are not recurring, they are still possible. In 2019, the elastic band of a man in his thirties had given way to several meters high. Fortunately, a body of water had cushioned his fall and saved him from certain death, as RTL told at the time of the events.

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The events took place in the Colombian province of Antioquia.

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Yecenia Morales Gomez
For Yecenia, a 25-year-old lawyer, it was a first.

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The bridge from which Yecenia jumped
After getting ready and listening to the instructions, the two lovers jumped at the instructor’s signal.

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Fatal fall
The problem ? If Yecenia had put on her harness correctly, she was not attached to the elastic that should hold her. The fall was fatal for the young woman.

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Other incidents of the type
In 2019, in France, a man also suffered an accident during his rubber band jump. Fortunately, a water point cushioned its fall.


Woman dies bungee jump forgetting tied

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