If you have one of these 9 smartphones you are too exposed to waves

If you have one of these 9 smartphones you are too exposed to waves
If you have one of these 9 smartphones you are too exposed to waves

The National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) is today publishing the analysis of the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measurements carried out in 2020 on 95 mobile phones from 33 different brands. And of those, 9 phones were over the regulatory limit, and the bad news is, you might just have (had) one in your pants pocket.

The best Android smartphones

Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi or even OnePlus pinned by the ANFR

In fact, as part of its mission to control public exposure to electromagnetic waves and market surveillance, the ANFR publishes its 2020 report on the SAR checks carried out on 95 mobile phones sampled from points of sale in France. France, which correspond to 82.5% of sales according to the GfK index. Remember that part of the energy transported by electromagnetic waves is absorbed by the human body, and mobile phones must not exceed SAR limit values.

Regarding head SAR measurements, the ANFR indicates that no non-compliance was observed, the median value being 0.23 W / kg, when the regulatory limit is set at 2 W / kg. On the Trunk SAR side, the measured values ​​varied between 0.411 W / Kg and 3.48 W / kg, with a median value of 1.10 W / kg, the regulatory limit also being set at 2 W / kg. Nine phones exceeded this limit and were subject to compliance procedures. On the other hand, no non-compliance was noted on the DAS member side.

Regarding the 9 non-compliant terminals for the trunk DAS, 8 of them were subject to a software update which ended the non-compliance. This is the case with the OnePlus 6T, the Nokia 3.1, the Logicom Le Hola, the Gigaset GS270 Plus, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 and the Mi Note 10, not to mention the Nokia 7 Plus and the Sony Xperia 5.

Recall that the Razer Phone 2, also pinned by the ANFR, had been withdrawn from the market with voluntary recall from the holders of this terminal.

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