Lidl hits hard and launches an essential and prestigious range, which will delight you

Lidl hits hard and launches an essential and prestigious range, which will delight you
Lidl hits hard and launches an essential and prestigious range, which will delight you

Bolstered by the excellent results of all its latest operations, Lidl has great ambitions for its wine collection. The brand specializing in low prices has decided to play the card of terroirs illustrating French know-how. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you what you can find. Let’s go.

A barbecue with incredible value for money

As we have known, for many years now, Lidl has surprised us with some more crazy offers than the next. Well for this summer, the German chain has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. She offers you a summer essential: the barbecue. Since June, you can enjoy grilling meat or vegetables. It must be said, cooking and eating outdoors are two of the great joys of summer. Well almost, because the good weather has not been there in recent weeks.

Now let’s talk about this barbecue, it’s better than talking about the weather, isn’t it? So what we can tell you is that with its windbreak design, it will be perfect for grilling good merguez. It also has a solid enamelled bowl with windscreen, a chrome grid adjustable to 5 different heights with removable handles, a side shelf and a wooden shelf that can hold up to 1 kg of coal. And its price? It is obviously a gift. 19.99 euros is nothing. It’s your turn.

Good wine to accompany grilled meats

To accompany a good barbecue, obviously Lidl has provided wine. Moreover, a few days ago, the German chain unveiled its new collection. White wine, red wine, rosé wine,… There is something for everyone. Thus, you will be able to find Primitivo Puglia, crémant rosé, Chenin blanc from South Africa. But obviously, the brand is not satisfied only with foreign wines, of course. It therefore adds two new French bottles to its range. These are Vallis Quietus from the Côtes du Rhône and a Corbières, which comes from Languedoc-Roussillon.

In addition to the beer for the aperitif, Lidl offers you a small Port, which will certainly delight you. You can also find slightly stronger alcohol such as vodka, whiskeys, rum from the West Indies… Amateurs will find what they are looking for in any case. In terms of accessories, the German chain also offers decanters, corkscrews, glasses, corks and whiskey stones. All the accessories you need. No one will be able to say that they can not find everything they want in the favorite brand of the French.

Lidl sneakers are back

If you already have all you need for barbecue and wine, you should know that Lidl has put their sneakers back on sale. Indeed, for a few days now, it is possible to find the sports shoes in the colors of the brand. These will be based on a unisex model (sizes will go from 37 to 40 for women, and from 41 to 46 for men) and are priced at 12.99 euros. The store specifies that these products will be sold “in limited quantities“. So if you want some, you have to go quickly because the demand is there.

Better yet, Lidl also made a collection for the beach. The German brand has decided to put on sale, since July 5, in its stores a selection of items to have “le total look” of the sign. The pair of flip-flops and the buoy will cost for example 4.99 euros while the towel will be sold at 9.99 euros. Likewise, t-shirts and swim shorts, for men and women, will also be offered at 4.99 euros. You’re going to be able to walk around in Lidl mode, isn’t it?

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