this Pokémon will never have its own figure for a deadly reason

Unmissable license of Pop Culture, Pokémon is available in video games as well as in films, series and other derivative products. From cuddly toys and pillowcases to tableware and figurines, Pokémon is a real gold mine. But sometimes it happens that the design of some creatures is problematic. This is the case of a specific Pokémon whose figurine could be the cause of death.

a problematic pokemon

With nearly 900 creatures on the clock, Pokémon don’t skimp on the little monsters. From carp to bunch of keys, Pokémon feature designs that are sometimes evocative, sometimes relatively abstract. In addition to their designs, these creatures signed Game Freak also stand out for their charisma and power. But it often happens that cuteness comes into play. And among the baby Pokémon, one of the serious contenders is none other than the first in the line of Elekable, namely Elekid. The Electric-Type Electric Pokémon appeared in the Gold and Silver versions of the saga.

And while Pichu and Mélo, two other baby Pokémon, can enjoy figurines bearing their likeness, poor Elekid, on the other hand, sees the opportunity denied because of his design. Although its appearance is highly regarded by fans, the latter poses a problem for manufacturers. And for good reason, the two antennas located on its head are supposed to represent the electrical outlets used in Japan or the United States, namely two slats pierced with a hole. You undoubtedly see the problem that the Elekid antennas can represent in the youngest.

The greatest shame is that we’ll never be able to make an Elekid figure because the original designers made its horns AC plugs

“The biggest shame is that we will never be able to make an Elekid figure because the original designers made electrical outlets of his horns.”

As Aaron Margolin, Brand Manager at Jazwares, an American toy maker behind toys said Roblox, Halo, Fortnite and Pokémon, Elekid’s design could push children to place the Pokémon’s antennas in real sockets. Risks avoided, especially since the number of Pokémon is sufficient to focus on other creatures. Margolin remains optimistic all the same: “I should never say never, of course, but for my third year of character planning, it’s always a bummer when I get to Elekid! You can’t change its awesome but potentially deadly design.

Despite the position taken by Jazwares, some Elekid figurines can still be found on the web. Some opt for a slightly different design from the original, including twisting its antennas inward, an easy solution that still poses a problem. Others change the pose of the Pokémon in an attempt to counterbalance the problem, although, again, the solution is insufficient. Faced with these problems, manufacturers like Jazwares prefer to avoid any risk.

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