play it now for just a few euros

play it now for just a few euros
play it now for just a few euros

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How expensive is video games?

We gamers all know that video games are clearly not the cheapest passion out there. As children, we have all known the frustration of our parents allowing us to take only one game from the store when we want to rob the department. But as you grow up, you come to understand them. Yes, even though they can also make a lot of money with Twitch, video games are expensive. So when an opportunity like the one we are about to discuss arises, it’s best to jump on it. And it is to PlayStation that we owe it and its PlayStation Now service.

Red Dead Redemption II arrive sur le PlayStation Now

If you don’t already know, PlayStation Now is PlayStation’s on-demand video game service available on PS4 and PS5. It allows to play PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 games. The games are available to stream instantly or can be downloaded to your console for some. And maybe the arrival of a huge game should convince you to try your hand at serving. Red Dead Redemption II et his cult hero Arthur Morgan are coming to PlayStation Now today. The game will only be available for download on PS4 and PS5 until November 1.

The Japanese firm is very generous in July because God of War, whose sequel should soon be talked about, Nioh 2 or even Judgment also integrate the service catalog. For only € 9.99 (or € 24.99 for three months and € 59.99 for one year), you can try your hand at these legendary PS4 games. If you’ve never joined PlayStation Now, you even get a two-week free trial.


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