Prices for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards week 26-2021: Many drops on the GTX 16xx

Like every Saturday, we therefore look at the prices of graphics cards. We start with AMD, because it will be quick. Indeed, we do not have a single change on the prices of the cards of the reds.

We can therefore go to NVIDIA. Among the greens, nothing has changed on the latest generation graphics cards, so the RTX 3000. On the other hand, on GTX 16xx and the RTX 20xx, the prices are going down.


So the GTX 1650 from 249,229 euros. For the GTX 1660 we go from 499 euros to 409 euros, so – 25%. On the GTX 1660 Ti we spend 499,449 euros and finally on the RTX 2060, we also lose 90 euros, the card going from 569,479 euros.

Obviously, we expect the drop on the RTX 3000.

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