this Pokémon series is a real hit on the platform

Pokémon exists since 1996, first in video games, then in television series. Since, multiple derivative products have emerged. Franchise, worldwide famous, delights young and old for over 25 years now. So it’s no surprise to see a series Pokémon in the top 10 Netflix trends.

Sacha to the conquest of the Galar

While it will soon be possible to eat pokemon, Netflix has been broadcasting since July 1, a series Pokémon, and success is immediate.

Pokémon Journeys, which corresponds to seventh cycle of the television series Pokémon, is now available for streaming on the famous platform. Series combines the seasons since season 23 of this animated, and is an adaptation of video games Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The seventh cycle traces Sacha’s adventures through regions including the Galar region. Pokémon Journeys corresponds to season 23 “Travel“, which is made up of 48 episodes, and in season 24”The Travels of a Master“, which includes 24 episodes. For now only the first 48 episodes are online.

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